Provision of Employment Contract Suspension Allowance for Workers/Employees

Strengthening of Fire Prevention Measures and Promotion of Occupational Health of Workers/Employees at Factories/Establishments

Additional Instructions on Implementation of Withholding Tax


Issuance of Certification of Occupancy for Factory and Wearhouse Buildings

Suspension of Employment Contracts of Workers/Employees at Factories in the Textile, Garment, Footwear, Travel Goods and Bag Sectors Affected by Global Economic Crisis

would like to remind all owners or directors of enterprises/establishments and foreigners must apply for an extension to the foreigner work permit and employment card.

Creation of Project Advisory Committee of Better Factories Cambodia (BFC) for 2023-2027

Market Interest Rates for Loans in 2022

Fines for Owners or Directors of Factories, Enterprises, Establishments Using Foreign Workforce without Work Permit and Employment Card

Relocation of head office of National Security Fund (NSSF)

Cease of Function of Receipt of Monthly and Annual Tax Return via E-Documents Submission System